The Commission Process

Commissions are a way for you to meet in the middle with the artist, putting your vision to life.

Once you fill out the form below, I will contact you with any additional questions I may have. A rough completion date will be set. Then I get to work. Once the piece is complete, images are sent to give you an opportunity for feedback. After all, this is a collaborative effort. Here, we can make edits that are seen fit and withhold the piece’s integrity. I will make these edits once. These changes usually include adding or subtracting color, including more line work, or altering a shape. A 50% deposit is required for all commissions.

The current lead time is 6-10 weeks from the time the deposit is received. Any other questions can be asked in comments section below. Or email me directly at Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

request a commission

Name *
Please select desired size. If not listed, leave in comments section.
i.e. vermillion, black, and cornflower blue with loose pencil lines.
moody, serene, inspiring, jovial, dark, energetic, etc.
Any other information you would like for me to have to make the best painting possible for your needs.

*looking forward to working with you.*