30 Thoughts for 30 Years

I turn 30 tomorrow. And it feels like a doozy.
Some of you may be shaking your head, some of you may be nodding your head.
Either way, it’s a strange time and I thought I would make the most of how quickly life is passing by writing down a few bits of advice I would’ve told myself when I was in my early 20’s if I could.

My hope is that some of these words send a ping to your heart, make you know you aren’t insane, and that yes, we all had our terrible choices in life. Let’s go!

  1. Don’t dye your hair brown. Even if it’s for the lead in the play. Because eventually, your hair will have to be orange to get anywhere near your normal blonde again.

  2. Be kind to yourself. You care too much and the stress is fleeting.

  3. You can do anything you want. Big dreams (like having a studio of your own and being a professional artist) are really possible with hard work and a loving support system.

  4. Nice guys finish first. Ditch the douche bags and hold out for the sweet ones. He will come around eventually. (And no, you won’t meet him at the frat party. No matter how many times you keep going.)

  5. Your old 94’ Jeep will be the coolest car you ever own. Enjoy it while you have it.

  6. Anxiety is not bigger than you. It’s a daily decision to not let it consume your thoughts. You can’t shine with the weight of your worries blurring your vision.

  7. Finding your painting style won’t be easy. It will takes years. You’re an indecisive person and you’ll just have to ride this wave until it works.

  8. Commitment is scary (to rent, to a dog, to a job, anything) and you’ll never shake that. But find excitement in being able to commit!


  10. More chocolate, less freak outs.

  11. You’ll learn to love working out and training. You’ll overcome your asthma. You’ll find it helps you so. much. with stress from the day to day.

  12. Stop buying trendy anything. You have cool style. Embrace that you aren’t in to the same pieces as everyone else.

  13. Being rich isn’t everything. Once you have a taste you’ll realize it’s nothing special.

  14. You’ll always be afraid to have kids but you know being a mom is a part of your calling.

  15. All of the things you write in your journals will eventually end up in cyberspace. You’ll be so comfortable sharing that it becomes a part of your business.

  16. You will be confident!

  17. Don’t put off painting for so long after graduation. You won’t be happy without it.

  18. Call your mom more.

  19. Stop trying so hard.

  20. You’ll thank yourself for washing your face every night and sticking with that wrinkle cream!!!

  21. Mixing alcohols is not a thing. Don’t try to make that a thing.

  22. Cooking will become a getaway for you. You’ll learn to use it as a creative space at home.

  23. Helping others is your calling. You’ll find a way to merge this with your artwork. Really, anything you want to do is possible. You just have to find a way.

  24. Marketing should have been your minor.

  25. Drawing people and faces will become boring to you. Start painting from emotion now.

  26. You’ll move to Atlanta. The one place you swore you’d never move.

  27. People in your life will come and go. You’ll be fine.

  28. Don’t look to others for validation.

  29. Comparing yourself to anyone but yourself will only lead to sadness. This art thing isn’t about anyone but you. Keep your blinders on and work hard.

  30. Turning 30 will feel like 16 again.

Thank you for making these past few years so incredibly full. I’ve learned a lot along the way. And I’m just happy to be here to share it.

Cheers to 30! And to you, and you, and you.

Xx, Allison