'If you are an artist, you NEED this book.'

Any time I find something that I love, I like to put it out into the universe.

So of course when I stumbled on the book ‘Art/Work’ - Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career by Heather Darcy Bhandari + Jonathan Melber, I had to tell people. It even made it in to a post on my Instagram which is a BFD since it’s just so much easier to stick. to. the. point. And of course, that’s ART.

But this book is essentially a ‘How to be an Artist for Dummies‘ so I couldn’t keep it all to myself. Truthfully, if we are being honest with ourselves, we all needed this before prancing across the stage at graduation with our art degrees... What the hell do you do next?! (This is another post, on another day. #soapbox) It even includes helpful, in-depth quotes in the margins of every page from renowned + respected gallery owners, artists, curators, and collectors from around the world. When the text-book sections make you drift off to sleep, scoot your eyes to the margins and find inspiration there.

So have no fear - finding your path just became a lot easier with this bright, yellow book.
(Note: No matter how hard to try to lose it and deny your need for guidance, you can’t misplace this book. You’ll forget you have it, remember, find just the answer you needed, be so glad you took my recommendation, and repeat it all over again in a month. It’s great.)

Grab your copy here and maybe tack on some highlighters and sticky tabs to your cart... you are going to want to remember every single word.

Xx, Allison