Podcast Update: New shows to binge

Hi hi hi hi hi.

So with my new studio means a new commute. Not my fave (is it anyone’s fave though??) so I’ve really spiced up my podcast game to make the hourly commute better. And so I don’t get in a wreck due to road rage. If you live in Atlanta and have encountered the traffic, you know. After 5 years you think I would get used to it… so thank goodness for a good podcast!

My most favorite new show is called ‘And That’s Why We Drink’ anddddd the title has only 2% to do with the actual show. It’s hosted by two folks who met in grad school at Boston University, moved to Los Angeles, rekindled their friendship and love for gore + true crime to create ATWWD. Em and Christine (and Eva, Gio, Lemon, Juniper) bring you stories of ghosts, gore, and crime but somehow with a delivery that keeps you laughing and scared out of your mind. I love them. And I love this show. They’re over 100 episodes and 2 years in so there are PLENTY of hours of audio to binge. If you’re into murder/crime shows and inclusivity (which we all should be. it’s 2019 people.) this show is perfect!

This next show hasn’t actually started yet but go ahead and thank me in advance. OFFICE LADIES is premiering October 16th and yes, you guessed it, it features two ladies from our favorite show, The Office. Pam and Angela (sorry, I refuse to use their real names) give you the inside scoop and stories from some of the most memorable episodes of The Office. So go subscribe now and please feel free to send me all of the gifts for exposing you to this show!

This last one is an occasional listen for me and for a very, very specific listener. I turn an episode of this podcast on when I’m feeling like I’m in a rut and need someone to knock some sense in to me. It’s definitely made for those who want to totally turn their lives around for the better and especially their finances + businesses. Manifestation Babe (the show title is a little meh but it’s been around for a few years so she WAS ahead of the trend. I cut her a little slack on that front.) is all about shifting your mindset to be the best version of you. I’ve personally been working on my mindset very tediously since June and have seen a huge change in my daily outlook on life and my business. Highly, highly recommend this show if you’ve felt like you’re in a rut and need a little guidance.

Alright everyone! Abrupt ending. Those are my new favorite shows to listen to on my studio commute or while I’m working around throughout the day. I hope you check them out and love what you hear!

XX, Allison