'Clapping for Yourself' My Podcast DEBUT

Guys. We all love podcasts. And if you don’t, you just haven’t listened to the right one yet.

Last week I was one my very first podcast episode. A legitimate dream come true.
And what made it so amazing is how honest + raw the conversation was. Kinzie Madsen is a business coach, branding + marketing wizard, and all around ray of sunshine. She reached out to me a little over a month ago to feature me on her podcast, KINZCOWORLD, to talk about my business strategies and how I’ve gotten to where I am. I'm already a huge fan of her podcast and her personality in general. She’s unapologetic and grounded. And maybe it’s not for everyone but I gravitate towards these types of folks. We’re all just floating along at some point in our career, some a bit higher than others. But at the end of the day we are just people. So let’s keep it real.

I’m posting the link for the podcast here so you can give it a listen!

Things to expect: My top business strategies, how I ended up painting full-time, my life in retail, advice for entrepreneurs, and a lot of cheesy catchphrases. Ah, and I say the word ‘um’ approximately 35 times. Apologies in advance.

Make sure to follow along with Kinz here. And I hope you like the episode!

Xx, Allison