'She wrote it down for you.'

After months of telling myself I wanna bring my journal back, I am.

So why am I writing again? In short, I’ve finally embraced the fact that I’m not a poetic writer, although I do have my moments of new-age wisdom. I’ve realized as someone who is a champion at holding things in, getting the words out and on to some kind of surface is vital for my well-being. And when the paint isn’t jiving I need to find another way to speak... Does that make sense?

Besides my own reasons, I’ve gotten so many requests for recipes, where I shop, even make-up products and skin care. Wowza. Quite the Renaissance woman. So selfishly I need a place to house all of those recommendation links along with my brooding art thoughts, mood boards and overall motivational tangents so when you feel sad and defeated, you know where to go. Because at the end of the day, if I’m not helping you, I’m not doing my job. I’m a nurturer through and through, even if that means telling you the shade of my orange lipstick and where I bought my blender. But don’t worry. I’m not a blogger (nor do I have the time to be one) so expect lots of links and and simple solutions to all of the things you’re asking for.

So that’s that! I’ve decided to create a space where I can do it all. Because yes, I fully realize I am a professional artist. This is QUITE LITERALLY what I do for a living. But why can’t I also throw out ideas? Because you will get confused on what I do? Who I am? Nah. You’re already at my website. You see what I do. And if you’ve followed along with me for over a week, you get it. But like anyone in their profession, I’m more than just an artist. Art flows in to all other areas of my life - to the shoes on my feet, the tuck of my shirt, the slick part of my hair, the way I greet you, how I style my patio, the cocktail I made last night, to the last little sprinkle of pepper on all of my big ass salads. It’s all art to me.

Yes, I am an artist. But I am also Allison James. So let me have my one little space where if someone actually cares enough, they’ll click the link and get the cookie recipe. Or they’ll come and read my thoughts on selling prints of original art. Or they’ll make sure they’re getting the same black top I wore in my stories last week because I’m not afraid to repeat an outfit. Or they’ll want to see the stream of photos from that trip I took last summer because I feel it will inspire you, too.

Let’s let it all hang out together.

So if you think it’s strange or don’t quite get it, it’s cool. No hard feelings. Just see your way to my shop and buy some art instead. Or email me. Or don’t. But I think you’ll eventually come around and listen to what I have to say. You’ll make the cookies. And man, I cannot wait for us to be twins in our new, matching black tops!

Xx, Allison