Mood Board and Me, 12.05.2017

Hi! So much to tell so hold on to your seats. And get ready for LINKS!

First, I'm currently in the stages of forming a new body of work of which I am using my friends as my muses. However, I have a color palette I adore that I'll be sticking to - my go-to's, lately. I'll be using more of my gal's energy and personalities as fuel towards where the paint takes me. Shoutout to my genius babes for this idea. Here is the mood board I created using Keynote (thank you, Maggie Griffin for this hot tip!) and lots of inspo from Pinterest. I've linked some of the images below so you can be inspired, too!

mood board SS.png

From top left to right: @happilygrey in a FAB brocade suit (she is my everything!) that is just about sold out ( still has the pants available in three sizes!), teal Oshuk rug from with similar styles available from Looms and Lighting, bottom left rug is from Becky Hillis - sorry guys! but my cute Sbicca "Mulah" mules are from Head Over Heels. Lastly, this Zenith shag rug can be found at and is currently on sale in available in 2 house-friendly sizes! 

If you can't tell, I've been VERY into home decor lately. It's always something I've loved but with a big, pretty house to fill I'm finally in the "nesting" phase and embracing my inner designer! A home tour blog post to come in the very near future so stay tuned!

Ok, switching gears a bit with some AMAZING news! 
I'm excited to announce that I will be represented by the Caroline Nix Gallery out of Gainesville, GA. She will be the first to represent me as a fine artist and I couldn't be in better company. I am just thrilled to see what 2018 has in store for us! The gallery will be a launching in January of 2018 by appointment only so make sure to say hello. Caroline is a super cool chick and I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeves to complete her first collection of mine.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 8.52.53 PM.png

Ok. Switching gears a bit more.
I want to mention two friends of mine who are blogger mavens and such inspirations to me. First, Bree is a social media manager by day, cocktail + lifestyle blogger by night. She is the prettiest peach in all the land and I love her love for all things gin and sparkly. We met in college through mutual friends and have been buds ever since. She is the most down-to-earth person I know and I could talk to her for hours. We recently spendt 2 hours in an Uber together, sober, for an OTP engagement shower and I know those drivers wanted to punch us. All I could think the entire time is why we don't have our own TV show. But I digress. Head over to and see what lil' miss thang is all about! She'll give you a laugh and about a million "OMG" ideas. As for now, here is a teaser of some of her amazing cocktail mojo!

And then there is Charise. Born and raise in L.A., she has an affinity for everything tea, British, antique, and finding a story. I adore Charise because there aren't many people like her left in the world; she sees things so differently and gets the importance in taking time to stop and soak up time with friends. She know how to take a beat to be off the grid, off our phones, only with one another and our giggles; preferably sipping Earl Grey with a dash of lavender (my personal fave!) I met Charise during my time as a manager with Anthropologie at Ponce City Market and it was basically opposites-attract-love-at-first-sight. No she is stuck with me forever and I'm pretty happy about it. She threw a Winter Tea this past Sunday and you MUST head over and read all about her + this special day we had together with our closet friends! She hosts tea parties as a profession (dream job) which I personally think would be the perfect party for a little girl or bride-to-be. Her back story is worth a read, too. Very inspiring!


So that is what I have been up to! In a... crazy, broad nutshell. I cannot wait to reveal my collection for the gallery with you all once it is complete! Been on the lookout for that post late January. Oh, and of course - huge announcement - my sweet Brandon is Atlanta bound forever! He found a position in the city so no more traveling + months apart. We are just thrilled! Hopefully some canvas building tutorials and Q&A headed to you guys, soon. Feeling all kinds of blessed guys. I can only hope some of this sunshine poured over to you post-read and that something here made you grin.

With all my love + gratitude,