Collection BTS: Memory Block

I'm just going to jump right into it.
This won't be the best blog post ever (running on little sleep + somehow still alive) but it is important for me to write about this collection I'm putting out into the world. So here we go.

The coolest thing to me about any artwork is the meaning behind it all. I wanted to give you a glimpse into what my upcoming April collection looks like through my eyes. Consider this a mini artist statement, if you will. Side note: I did something a little unconventional and decided to launch pieces from two different schools of thought - mixed media arrangements and paintings. The collages and paintings work seamlessly together, bringing you cohesive color ways and a fun punch for your walls. You know I always have to use black and some vibrate hue in my pieces to set them off.

I've included my most succinct thoughts on my arrangement collection, Memory Block, below.

MB 14.jpg

Memory Block #14

Memory Block is comprised of 28 mixed media arrangements. These works on paper challenged me to dive back into my past, blow off the cobwebs, and cope with some heavy stuff. But how? I finally decided after putting it off since last summer it was time to bring new life to work produced after my trip abroad to Montepulciano, Italy. This collection also touches on the shift my artwork took as a direct result after those 5 weeks in Tuscany came to a close. I used my senior thesis as a platform to dip my toe into something entirely new. I was more liberated to take risks, paint whatever the hell I wanted, and do it with confidence. This was the time I thought I knew everything, lost everything, started over, and discovered mixed media. I wanted to make Memory Block as an homage to those interesting months because they not only changed me as a person but they changed me as an artist.

As I sat on my studio floor filtering through all of my old work and somewhat tangible memories, I knew I'd made the right decision. I began cutting each piece, ripping them down the middle, and pairing old, negative emotion with a fresh, positive outlook. It was so therapeutic for me. Looking at these pieces aesthetically and arranging them to form a little family of blocks whose only job was to simply be admired was so healing. I always knew I wanted to repurpose this box (yes, think box of old love notes you passed in the hallway with your crush. These were my love notes but to Italy, old friends, and so. many. drawings.) and make something new from them. And I'm so happy I finally did.

If this seems vague and confusing, that's because it is. But I know you can somehow still relate. For this particular collection I want to keep some details for myself. And more importantly, I want those who purchase my work to have their own memories they associate with these arrangements - not my old, dusty, sad memories. Maybe the canvas strips makes you see the sand from your honeymoon... or the paint swatches are the exact color of your husband's favorite shirt. Maybe it's a shade of peach your favorite aunt always wore on her lips for Sunday service. Or maybe the textures just draw you in and you create a new memory in the room you hang your artwork. Whatever it may be, I find peace in putting my life into my art and having its new owners place their own meanings and memories on it.

The Facts:
You will find fabric, my original artwork, rag paper, photo plates + printed vellum, thank you notes, paint rags, canvas, and other hidden gems.
Each Memory Block was hand-selected to coordinate with my most recent body of work for your home.
Paper measures 12x9 inches.
Custom orders are optional. Email or head to my Commissions page.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about my thought process for this collection. I'm not sure if it will be a continuation or if this will be Memory Block's first and last hoorah. I think I'll know if I have a longing to keep putting these out into the world. Or if another trip to Italy is on the horizon. Until then, keep creating and and be kind.

Xo, Allison