Sounds of the Studio: January 2018

Hi guys! I'm sharing a studio playlist with songs I've been loving at the beginning of each month. (A little late this month, oops.) I had so much fun creating this arrangement and hopefully you love it as much as I do! 

This months playlist is comprised of a mix of old, new, indie, pop, and all kinds of good stuff. Play it while you're commuting back home or just tidying around the house. I always shuffle my songs so they never get stale and predictable.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 2.22.48 PM.png

Find my playlist on Spotify! "Sounds of the Studio: 01:18"  <---- here is the link!

Be on the lookout for these playlists each month. I'll be sure to include my favorite tunes as of late and hopefully show you guys some new sounds!