Sounds of the Studio: March 2018

March 1st not only brings on those whispers of "rabbit, rabbit" but it also comes with NEW TUNES! If I can't get my act together enough to carve out weekly blogs for your babes, the least I can do is provide you monthly with good music.

So let's quickly go over this month's studio playlist: It's shorter in length but EVERY song is amazing. Hopefully it will be the best 37 minutes of your day (or hours, depending on how many times you replay it!) I've mixed the tracks to have a consistent ebb and flow of highs and lows. V important. For the most part, 03:18 is a playlist of upbeat tunes that you're going to deem your new favorite songs if you haven't already. You'll hear some new songs (Vance Joy's album dropped Friday so he is making double appearances - one cover song + one newbie!) plus some that have been featured on the radio but are just too good to be annoyed with yet (Hey, JT.) 

Click the image above (03:18's album art - thank you, random amazing pinterest artist... I should really start drawing my own.) to head to my Spotify page and get ya listen on. Or, you can always search "Sounds of the Studio 03:18" in your account to find this playlist, as well as the rest from 2018. 
Happy March guys! I hope these tunes inspire you as much as they have me.

XX, Allison