I began my career as a fine artist at a year and a half old, spending countless hours at the kitchen table with a tin of crayons and all the encouragement from my entrepreneurial mother and father. Grooming my creativity throughout my schooling, I decided to pursue art at Georgia Southern University. Here, I was mentored by alumnae professors from the top schools in the nation (Rhode Island School of Design, Savannah College of Art & Design, Boston University, Cornell and the Art Institutes, just to name a few.) I was a sponge over my five years as a student, soaking in all of the critiques, countless pushes to go further, and priceless insight. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2D Design: Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking in the spring of 2013. And it was with these professors and colleagues that I realized my full potential as a mixed media artist and making it my career.

But it was only with my husband that my desire to create finally felt possible.
(We're still in our newlywed phase, what can I say.)


Married in April of 2017, Brandon and I hit the ground running after moving into our dream home on the Westside of Atlanta. With space to make all of our endeavors so much simpler, we began creating large format paintings for interior designers and personal clients alike. Each HDF hardboard panel is hand-built, sanded, filled, primed, planned, and composed with care every step along the way. But I haven't left my roots completely. I'm still making many works on paper and canvas.
After all, that is what helped me grow into the artist I am today.
My pieces are constructed in our home and masterfully painted in the studio. I keep my work close to my heart and take pride in what I do.